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I'm a very decent guy, good looking people say, but I always tell people to wait and get to know me deeply and you will see that my heart is more beautiful, i m an easy going person and a level headed guy, not into games nor hookups as they say.i m a very shy type, i love nature so much. i lost my partner 5 years ago, he died to cancer of the lungs, so i mourn him for so long as a respect. now i feel its time to carry on with my life, my friend often say to me that i should stop living in the past and focus on the future, and what i want for the future is someone who is ready to love and be loved. who i can love and show that i care for, someone i will love in and out of bed, and someone who will understand me, thru the sun and the rain. and that's why i m here sitting on the computer writing to you. you sound so honest and you seems like that kind of man i have been longing for, i don't want to hang around the site, going from one man to another, i just want someone who will take me to the dream land and take away the growing pains of loneliness.

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I am looking for a serious person who isn't into the usual internet bullshit often found on dating sites. I am looking for someone who knows himself well enough that when he looks at a man that he likes he is willing to take some risks and see what happens. If you are ready for commitment and to settle down, please read on. If not, please leave me alone. I am looking for a LTR (life time Relationship). I believe that a relationship is harbored in the concepts of love - this is the emotional as well as the physical, understanding, caring, support, and most of all communication. I also believe that a relationship is like a cake recipe: there are many ingredients needed to bake a relationship, i.e. COMMUNICATION, honesty, trust, loyalty, faithfulness, companionship, support (emotional, mental, financial and physical) and love. You mix large quantities of these together given from both partners and out comes a relationship. Then you add the icing, which would be love making (sex), and that helps hold the whole thing together. The man I am looking to be with will understand that the 'getting to know you' starts as soon as the two of agree that they like each other and continues on throughout the relationship. The possibility of you learning everything there is to know about me would take more than a lifetime together. The probability of us getting to a comfortable place in our relationship in which you and I have connected and understand each other and each others mechanics is much more likely to happen.

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